Google Sites Gets Apps Script

Google Sites Gets Apps Script

Google Sites, the public and internal web site and wiki creation aspect of the Google Apps cloud productivity suite, now has  support for scripts to support multi-step workflows. It doesn’t sound like much, but it has at least one Google partner excited. Here’s why.

The example of the new functionality given by the Google Enterprise blog is a “Register Now” buttons for classes and training schedules that would automatically add employees to a class roster. But that’s just one thing it can do: Google Apps Scripts can automate things like e-mail, calendar scheduling, creating and updating site pages using other systems’ data, and so on.

Daniel Jefferies, founder and president of long-time Google partner Newmind Group, posted his enthusiasm for this announcment to his Twitter account: “Apps Script is the special sauce here at Newmind. We are excited about this.”

As is Google. During the recent N-able Partner Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz., Google Apps SMB Channel Lead Jeff Ragusa suggested that MSPs need to develop some in-house scripting expertise to help deliver value-added services.

There’s no shortage of Google Apps customers using Google Sites for their intranet. Making the offering more functional for the business by leveraging an existing offering - in this case, Google Apps Script - just makes sense.

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