Zenprise Launches Mobile Data Loss Prevention

Zenprise Launches Mobile Data Loss Prevention

Zenprise Company LogoZenprise, the mobile device management (MDM) software provider, has released a mobile data leakage prevention (DLP) solution for the enterprise market. The DLP solution, which supports Microsoft SharePoint, is part of the company's larger mobile enterprise Security Framework technology. Here's the update.

According to Zenprise VP of Marketing Ahmed Datoo, the mobile DLP solution has four key areas worth noting:

  1. It addresses sensitive data.
  2. It offers secure file synchronization within a document container.
  3. It is context and content aware.
  4. It leverages Microsoft SharePoint, which Datoo said gives enterprise users a first-class collaboration experience
Let's look at an example involving SharePoint. Let's assume you've created a presentation for a business deal, and you upload the presentation into the SharePoint repository. Then you share the deck with another user and you work on it together. Next, you and your peer both download the presentation from SharePoint to your respective mobile devices.

A third party, usually an IT administrator, can then stamp the deck as "confidential." And if either of the two users makes changes to the deck on their mobile device, the changes would instantly synch to both user's mobile devices and to the version of the deck saved on SharePoint.

The Zenprise Enterprise Mobile DLP solution also protects data from users who are no longer with the company. You can share a document with a user and set an expiration date. Once that date hits, the user can no longer view the document. If someone leaves the company, administrators can delete secure containers from their mobile device, and delete company documents along with those containers.

Bigger Picture

The Mobile DLP capability is part of the broader Zenprise Mobile Security Framework. Service providers can monitor devices, control applications and networks, and protect company data. It also builds on the Zenprise partner network, which Zenprise launched earlier this month.

At the time, Zenprise said the company intends to help VARs and MSP become best-in-class providers of mobile security solutions.


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