SunGard Managed Security Services Embrace Alert Logic

SunGard, a large managed services provider, sees a new opportunity in the security market. Indeed, SunGard Availability Services plans to leverage Alert Logic's SaaS tools for various vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and log management services.

SunGard Availability Services offers disaster recovery services, managed IT services, and business continuity services to more than 9,000 customers. Alert Logic, meanwhile, offers a SaaS platform that delivers 24x7 security operations monitoring services. Alert Logic claims to partner with over half of the largest cloud and hosting service providers.

Back in July, Alert Logic Vice President of Marketing Urvish Vashi hinted that the company would focus on the enterprise hosting side of its business sometime in early August. This SunGard relationship certainly fits the description. On SunGard's end, integrating with Alert Logic adds two key capabilities to the SunGard Managed Security Services Portfolio:

  1. Automatically identify malicious behavior and questionable network patterns originating both inside and outside of a customer's network
  2. Collect and archive log data on event relevant to customers' security while providing expert human analysis, review and insight on real-time security threats and alerts
This is the second major vulnerability assessment service announcement we've seen in recent days. The other involved software enhancements at Qualys, which also offers a vulnerability assessment service to MSPs.
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