Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Aug. 17

Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Aug. 17

The MSPmentor team is now fully booked for VMworld 2012 meetings later this month. It's going to be an intense conference. But before we gear up for that marathon, here are seven managed services blogs and MSP news stories that the MSPmentor team didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Aug. 17, 2012.

7. Another Key Hire: Boundary CEO Gary Ready (formerly CEO of Nimsoft) seems poised to name another key hire at the start-up company, which offers application monitoring for cloud- and on-premise systems. Who is the mystery hire? I don't want to jump... the... gun...

6. Circle the Date: I don't care much for Facebook, but I will will be watching the company closely on Nov. 14. That day, certain trading lock-up periods end. More than 1.2 billion additional shares will be available for trading. This basically means some early investors and certain Facebook employees will be able to sell their shares for the first time -- if they so choose. The laws of supply and demand suggest Facebook shares could decline that day.

When will Facebook shares climb? Answer: When earnings per share beat expectations and when Facebook offers bullish forecasts about its mobile advertising strategy. Until then, no news is bad news.

5. Cloud Application Monitoring: Watch that space closely -- on MSPmentor -- the next few days. Some key moves coming...

4. AT&T Outage: The telecom giant suffered a DNS managed services outage on Wednesday, amid a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. But service was restored shortly after the attack, AT&T said.

3. Google Postini - A Warning to MSPs: In case you missed it, Google is merging its Postini (email security, compliance) capabilities into Google Apps. The writing is on the wall for stand-alone suppliers of email security systems. Many of those features will gradually roll into big cloud platforms like Google Apps, Office 365 and more. But... email security providers aren't standing still. We expect some big updates from a few of those companies -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- over the next few weeks.

2. Big Deal: CA Technologies has gained deeper reach into one of the world's top cloud computing companies. During a call with MSPmentor earlier this week, the cloud services provider told us how CA's tools -- Nimsoft, Spectrum and several others -- are providing proactive application-level monitoring and management. That's all we can say... for now. Separately, Logicalis, a large MSP, has standardized on Nimsoft and a CA Automation Suite for Clouds.

1. MSPmentor 250: Stay tuned for some really big surprises. Our fifth-annual MSPmentor 250 list of the world's top managed services executives, experts, entrepreneurs and community leaders will debut really soon. Now here's the really big change: Industry luminaries like ConnectWise Founders Arnie and David Bellini, Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie, Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford and N-able CEO Gavin Garbutt (among others) are NOT on the list.

Has MSPmentor lost its mind -- and lost touch with the global managed services ecosystem? Stay patient, folks. We think you'll be impressed with a new approach this year that pays tribute to the luminaries while also shining a wider, brighter spotlight on industry experts who are not yet in your Rolodex. More details soon.

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