SaaS: CA Technologies Preparing MSP on Demand Portal?

SaaS: CA Technologies Preparing MSP on Demand Portal?

CA Technologies appears to be preparing a SaaS channel push that may be called MSP on Demand. MSPmentor stumbled onto the effort while researching a separate hardware as a service (HaaS) story on February 10. Here's the update and potential implications for MSPs.

While searching for news about MSP on Demand, a HaaS specialist, I stumbled onto the following two links:

  • CA MSP on Demand -- apparently, a portal that will offer MSPs secure access, contracts and billing, user management and technical support for multiple SaaS applications.
  • A CA Technologies marketing brochure describing the MSP on Demand effort (available as a [download id="42"]).

Silence so Far

I checked in with several CA Technologies sources on February 10. Also, CA Technologies' PR department is aware of my inquiry. So far, I've received no official reply about the apparent MSP on Demand portal and the marketing brochure. The MSP on Demand information seems to be closely related to CA's existing SaaS portal promotions.

While I don't know if CA will proceed with the MSP on Demand branding and portal efforts, the web links indicate the potential portal could give MSPs "the ability to offer SaaS services like infrastructure management, project portfolio management, backup and recovery, and energy and sustainability." According to the web links, the potential portal will also allow MSPs to:
  • add, edit and bulk-load new users
  • provision those users with a simple one-step process
  • propagate information to applications

The Bigger Picture

I need to reiterate: I've yet to confirm whether CA plans to launch the MSP on Demand effort. Plus, I wonder if the MSP on Demand term is already trademarked by Ramsey Dellinger. I've requested a comment from Dellinger but have yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, there is a bigger-picture story here. Over the past couple of years, CA has acquired a range of SaaS and managed services software providers. Companies like Nimsoft and 3Tera come to mind. On the one hand, CA has given each of the acquisitions the freedom to run as self-sufficient brands. But on the other hand, CA needs to gain economies of scale from its various SaaS and MSP software acquisitions. Perhaps a single, SaaS-centric portal for MSPs could potentially help CA Technologies to achieve that goal.

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