Network Security Converges With Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, the fastest-growing version of Linux, is starting to attract interest from the managed services industry. One prime example: Untangle, which develops security solutions for managed service providers, is preparing to add support for Ubuntu within the next few months, MSPmentor has learned.

For MSPs, leveraging open source provides some cost-effective ways to introduce new services while connecting with fast-growing developer communities.

Here's some more background on Ubuntu, along with emerging details about Untangle's strategy for the operating system.

Already, Untangle leverages open source to develop spam blocking, web filtering and a dozen other security applications. The company's community of open source developers has grown exponentially in recent months (more on that later this week).

Untangle continues to promote its open source network gateway to managed service providers -- even as the company explores new market opportunities -- such as Ubuntu Linux.

Learning About Ubuntu

If you're an MSP looking for new opportunities in open source, Ubuntu deserves some attention. Ubuntu, backed by a small company called Canonical, is now the fastest-growing version of Linux, according to CNet.

Ubuntu first gained mainstream attention when Dell decided to offer Ubuntu as a preload option on selected desktop PCs and laptops in mid-2007. Now, Ubuntu is finding momentum on servers, and Intel is working to put Ubuntu on mobile devices.

With an assist from Untangle, Ubuntu could also emerge as a platform for running network security applications. During a chat with MSPmentor on April 4, Untangle executives said they were working on Ubuntu support but exact details remain forthcoming.

I'll have more to share about Ubuntu as well as Untangle's growing developer community later this week.
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