MKAdvantage Embraces GroundWork for Managed Services

MKAdvantage, a solutions provider in Chicago, has embraced GroudWork Inc.'s software platform for network and application monitoring. Specifically, MKAdvantage is customizing and extending GroundWork Monitor Enterprise software for specific vertical markets. The MKAdvantage-GroundWork relationship shows where open source may ultimately fit in the managed services market.

To be sure, MSPmentor spent a lot of time covering open source solutions in the 2009 to 2010 timeframe. But overall, it seems like most MSPs -- particularly those in the SMB market -- remain committed to closed source solutions, while plugging open source into some niche areas. For example, solutions like Asterisk have caught on with some MSPs focused on VoIP.

Meanwhile, some software companies have specifically developed open source solutions for MSPs. GroundWork -- formerly GroundWork Open Source -- is one such example. GroundWork's open source monitoring software is used by a range of data center providers and service providers.

Now, MKAdvantage is embracing GroundWork as well. Founded in Chicago in 2006, MKAdvantage provides IT service management solutions to telecommunications service providers (RBOCs and CLECs), managed service providers and enterprises including several global financial services organizations.

MSPmentor will be watching to see how the GroundWork-MKAdvantage engagement evolves.

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