Microsoft: 90% of Office 365 Wins Involve Small Business

Here's a stat that demands your attention: Microsoft claims 90 percent of Office 365 subscribers are small businesses with 50 or fewer employees. The statistic surfaced today as part of an Office 365 momentum update. But I wonder: If Office 365 is catching on in small businesses, how come MSPs don't spend much time talking about Microsoft's cloud suite?

During the recent IT Nation conference in Orlando, Fla., which attracted roughly 1,600 channel partners and channel influencers, there wasn't much Office 365 chatter. The Microsoft booth at the back of the conference hall had plenty of Office 365 documentation but partners, for the most part, seemed to spend more time with cloud storage companies attending the conference.

Still, a Microsoft blog post today shared some major Office 365 customer milestones and cloud platform enhancements, claiming the suite is now available in more than 60 countries and gaining SMB momentum.

The Microsoft blog post didn't mention Office 365 channel partners or Office 365 syndicators. But here's an interesting nugget of info: Roughly 42 percent of MSPs say they offer Office 365 to their customers, according to preliminary data from the fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey, which runs through December 23, 2011.

Is Office 365 a big revenue generator for thousands of MSPs? Perhaps not. But based on our data, perhaps far more MSPs are kicking Office 365's tires without publicly disclosing those efforts...


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