Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Nov. 18

The MSPmentor team will continue blogging right up until the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. But in the meantime, here are seven managed services blogs and MSP news tips the MSPmentor team didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Nov. 18, 2011.

7. Overlooked Opportunity: I've seen a range of recent data suggesting managed database services is the big opportunity MSPs are overlooking. Time permitting, I'll share more light on the subject next week.

6. Big Deal: VeriFone acquired electronic payments specialist Point International to accelerate its transition to a managed services revenue model. Not exactly an SMB discussion here, but a big deal nonetheless.

5. Worth Noting: CSC named Mike Shove chief operating officer for the company's Managed Services Sector (MSS). Shove reports to Peter Allen, acting president of MSS. CSC's managed services business stumbled badly earlier this year, leading to a shakeup.

4. The Next Debate: Can RMM (remote monitoring and management) software companies offer Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Or will MSPs need to seek out new vendors for the MDM trend? Some rather interesting chatter has already reached our inbox.

3. Viral Video: Worth a look...

2. Growing Numbers: Approximately 100,000 channel partners have joined Dell’s global PartnerDirect program. The program had 58,000 deal registrations in Q3, and the PartnerDirect program generated more than 30 percent of Dell's global commercial revenue for the same quarter. Pushing beyond PCs, Dell noted that Force10 networking products are now available to Dell's channel partners...

1. Imagine That: What if a giant hardware company was looking into the CRM and PSA markets for a potential acquisition? The alleged motivation: Using established PSA and CRM databases to more fully understand the channel sales pipeline, IT project work, etc. No firm offers to report here, nor has the IT giant done any due diligence or made any offers. But the hardware company has PSA and CRM on its list of potential M&A areas to explore in 2012... ...


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