Level Platforms, Synaxon UK: Managed Services Meets Britain

Level Platforms, Synaxon UK: Managed Services Meets Britain

Level Platforms seems to be building a close relationship with Synaxon UK, a channel services group that helps IT resellers to "buy better, sell more and reduce costs." If true, Synaxon could empower its reseller members with Managed Workplace, Level Platforms' remote monitoring and management platform for MSPs (managed services providers).

Chatter about the Level Platforms-Synaxon relationship emerged at IT Nation, a major VAR and MSP conference last week in Orlando, Fla.

Synaxon, established in the UK in 2009, has 48 supplier partners; 710 reseller and dealer relationships; and is part of Europe's largest independent channel services group.

So what's the strategy here? As MSP software companies accelerate their international strategies, it's often too expensive or too complex to pursue VARs and MSPs on a company by company basis. The more cost-effective approach typically involves joining user groups, IT collectives, distribution relationships and other engagements that deliver a highly targeted audience.

We'll be watching Level Platforms and Synaxon for more clues about their emerging relationship.

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