Level Cloud Ends MSP Cloud Partner Program; TOGL to the Rescue?

Level Cloud, which promotes OS33-based cloud services to MSPs, has canceled its partner program, founder Biren Shukla has confirmed to MSPmentor. Sources indicate that MSPs running Level Cloud have 30 days to transition to another provider. Among the potential safe havens for former Level Cloud partners: TOGL, a master MSP that also offers OS33-based services to channel partners. For MSPs there are bigger lessons worth considering here.

Over the past three years, several cloud service providers have popped up to cater to MSPs. Many of those partners offer intriguing partner programs and solutions like Desktop as a Service (DaaS). But it's tricky to know who will stick around for the long haul, since onboarding and training MSPs on a cloud platform can be expensive and time consuming. (Here are 5 questions to ask before joining a cloud partner program.)

Level Cloud's Shukla, in an email to MSPmentor, said the company may come back to the MSP industry with a different model. Meanwhile, I suspect TOGL, a master MSP that also offers OS33-based cloud services, could  fill the potential void. Backed by well-known MSP executive MJ Shoer, TOGL's partner program is designed for VARs and MSPs. I believe Shoer is attending CompTIA meetings this week; MSPmentor has reached out for comment.

For MSPs, this is a timely reminder that the Master MSP business model can be tricky. Former Master MSPs like Do IT Smarter and MSPSN (MSP Services Network) faded from the scene a few years ago. Among the reasons: I think the companies found it expensive to find, onboard and train MSPs. But other master MSPs, such as Virtual Administrator, have continued to service aspiring MSPs that want to quickly activate recurring revenue services.

More recently, companies like Channel Cloud, Level Cloud, PointClickWork and TOGL have emerged to empower MSPs and VARs with cloud services. But this market also is evolving as Level Cloud rethinks its partner strategy and PointClickWork recently merged into TOGL.



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