Kutenda: No Exposure to Zenith Infotech Debt Default

Kutenda, a marketing firm that works closely with MSPs, has no exposure to the recent Zenith Infotech debt default, according to CEO Mike Cooch. Kutenda was co-founded in 2009 by Cooch and Akash Saraf, CEO of Zenith Infotech. But it has been a Cooch-Saraf co-founder relationship rather than a Kutenda-Zenith Infotech financial relationship.

To be clear, Cooch isn't trying to distance himself from Saraf and the relationship that sparked Kutenda's launch. When I spoke with Cooch I asked him a head-on question: Does Kutenda have any potential exposure to Zenith Infotech's debt default? Cooch's reply: Kutenda is self-sufficient, operates on its own cash flow, and has no connection and no exposure to the Zenith Infotech debt default.

Cooch has always led Kutenda's day-to-day vision and operations. He is an MSP veteran who sold Everon Technologies to Plumcoice in November 2010. Cooch also penned a popular blog -- SMB IT Pros -- and dabbled in other startup projects such as MSP Coach, an online training and education portal from a few years ago. In short, he's a serial entrepreneur.

Much like the MSP industry itself, Cooch has continually updated Kutenda's mission for evolving markets. When the company started, Kutenda offered a Google Adwords-like system built for MSPs. More recently, Kutenda has focused on marketing as a service -- helping customers to build multi-touch email campaigns, social media, content creation, search engine marketing and more.

So what's next for Cooch? It sounds like Kutenda is getting set to redefine community in 2012. I realize that's a really vague clue. But that's all I have to say about that for now.

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