Jitterbit Launches Cloud Integration Partner Program

Data integration solution vendor Jitterbit has launched a partner program designed to give MSPs, VARs, systems integrators, and anyone else in the IT channel a way to easily and quickly migrate new customers to the cloud. Here’s the scoop.

I had the chance to talk to Jitterbit Senior VP of Business Development Ed Wiggins about the launch of the new partner program, and he says that while the company has had partners before, it was always on an extremely informal basis. But now, Wiggins says they’re ready to provide partners -- especially ones servicing SMBs -- with the support and margin structure they need to get ahead.

As for the Jitterbit offering itself, Wiggins says that their main competitor was Cast Iron Systems before IBM acquired Cast Iron earlier in 2010. What sets Jitterbit apart is the fact that it’s enabled for parallel processing, meaning that it can chop up data into as many chunks as your processor can handle and upload it to the cloud faster than any competitor, Wiggins asserts.

The other differentiator, Wiggins says, is “Jitterpacks,” which is the set of modular instructions you can set up for cloud migration once and then use across as many servers as need to get uploaded. And for MSPs, it means that you can develop a Jitterpack for existing customers and save time on each cloud deployment.

Wiggins clearly sees the launch of this partner program as the first step in Jitterbit taking the cloud integration arena by storm, and they plan on supporting MSPs all the way.

“Direct sales just isn’t the best way to build a business,” Wiggins says.

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