I'm a PC, but I'm Mac Curious

I'm a PC, but I'm Mac Curious

For the past 18 years, I've been a PC, but lately I find myself among the Mac curious. It started simply enough. My colleagues here at Nine Lives Media Inc. seem to all be using Macs, and they seem more relaxed and stress-free than I am. I wonder if there's a correlation.

Then I found out that one of my college classmates, the programmer who went to work for IBM after college graduation is now pushing the CEO of his new company to go with Macs on both clients and servers (he's the CTO). Other techies who I respect have switched, too. I started to wonder if the end times were upon us. And then another former colleague who used to be a PC, too, told me that his work day is filled with far fewer clicks now that he's converted. That was the kicker for me.

And yet I'm so far on the other side. The only Apple products at my house are second generation iPods (the first ones with video). My spouse and I own Android phones and Android tablets. My sons steal my Kindle Fire to play Angry Birds (and not my iPad. Because I don't have an iPad.)

Indeed, my spouse, who works in IT and web development for a company I will not name, has a drawer full of iPads at work. He is in charge of them. People who come to talk to him also spend time fawning over the iPads, including a stack of the next gen ones. But he despises them because they are annoying to configure, he says. He says the Retina display is ugly. You see what I mean.

And yet, I'm still Mac curious. If there were an Apple store nearer to my house I probably would have been there already, testing to see if it's really so much easier to put together a slide deck using a MacBook Pro.  I would have sneaked out without telling my spouse that I was going to the Apple store.  I would have smiled joyfully as the slide deck magically came together without the need for clicking on the much-hated ribbon over and over and over again to complete a single task. I would be relaxed and stress-free.

And yet, the nearest Apple Store is 30 minutes away, according to Google Maps, which means a whole hour round trip. I have never met a Genius, and I probably never will. I'm too busy clicking on the much-hated ribbon to take time out for that.

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