Glowpoint Managed Video Services Gain Remote Monitoring, Support

Glowpoint Managed Video Services Gain Remote Monitoring, Support

Glowpoint Company LogoGlowpoint, inc., which providers managed video services in the cloud, has added Notify Remote Monitoring and Express Remote Monitoring & Support to its OpenVideo cloud suite. Here's a breakdown of the two added solutions.

The expanded offerings include:

Notify Remote Monitoring: The solution monitors all Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) devices with an IP address, 24 x 7. It notifies IT administrators when network issues arise and gives customers a summary of status reports on all of the video infrastructure being monitored. Users can even view a history of reports and issues with any particular device to better understand when and why a specific device is not functioning properly.

Express Remote Monitoring & Support: This solution includes the Notify Remote Monitoring capabilities plus:

  1. End-user helpdesk support services;
  2. Incident report packs that include incident resolution services to help diagnose and resolve incidents as soon as possible.
The Glowpoint OpenVideo enhancements build upon the company's family of managed video services, which was outlined by the new Glowpoint Advisory Board in August, 2011. The enhancements also likely leverage Glowpoint's relatively recent acquisition of Avaya's managed services for video.

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