ForeScout Opens Platform for Mobile Device Management Integration

ForeScout Technologies, an automated security control solutions provider for Fortune 1,000 enterprises and government agencies, has caught on to the mobile device management (MDM) need of its managed services customers. To that end, the technology provider has introduced ForeScout Mobile. Here are the details.

ForeScout Mobile is a set of plug-in modules that, according to the company, allows MSPs and hosting companies to manage the security needs of all Android and iOS mobile devices on their business networks. What's more, ForeScout Mobile carries a plug-in module through which ForeScout customers can integrate an MDM solution.

According to ForeScout CEO Gord Boyce, the company's goal is to offer a mobile security solution that is "acceptable, unobtrusive and efficient," for IT departments and for mobile devices users themselves. So ForeScout has also designed its new ForeScout Mobile offering to be able to integrate with ForeScout CounterACT, the company's network access control (NAC) platform. Combined, the two solutions allow business security and IT teams to view their business networks and have one single control over managed and unmanaged mobile devices and PCs on those business networks. And what's more, they can do it all from a single console.

ForeScout Mobile is the company's latest move targeted at MSPs and hosting providers. Launching ForeScout CounterACT was the first. It appears ForeScout has done its homework since then and is trying to give MSPs what they desperately need: a way an efficient and cost-effective way to manage mobile devices.



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