Dell's Subtle Message to Managed Service Providers

Dell made a subtle but important move when the company announced storage management and data protection services on June 25.

Within the press release, which focused on Dell's infrastructure consulting services, the company including this little note to partners and managed service providers:

"Storage Consulting services are available directly from Dell and through Dells Partner Direct program. Channel partners should contact their account representative for further information."
A quick observation: I've criticized Dell previously for writing press releases that hyped Dell's direct sales force, but made zero mention of Dell's growing partner base.

The infrastructure consulting services release (read it here) addressed my ongoing concern about Dell PR overlooking partners. Some critics may assert that Dell is merely asking partners to register and hand over their storage consulting leads to Dell.

But I continue to give Dell the benefit of the doubt. On the one hand, that little line from Dell to partners in the June 25 release seems so easy and logical. But you can imagine all the debate within Dell:
  • How does the company announce more consulting services without alienating partners?
  • And should a press release for "direct" services actually include a live link to Dell's Partner Direct web site?
Dell still has its critics, but I'm noticing small improvements in the way the company messages to partners.
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