Can OnForce "Turbo Charge" Managed Services?

Can OnForce "Turbo Charge" Managed Services?

OnForce’s Paul Nadjarian OnForce Senior VP Nadjarian

OnForce, the online marketplace for VARs, has a rather interesting spin on the managed services market. During a visit to the company's headquarters near Boston today, I heard how OnForce "turbo charges" managed services. That sounded a bit like marketing hype. But a conversation with OnForce Senior VP Paul Nadjarian helped to clarify how the OnForce marketplace helps VARs to extend their own managed services.

Instead of competing with MSP platform providers like Autotask, OnForce offers open APIs (applications programming interfaces) that can link the OnForce marketplace info to various MSP platforms. While MSP platform providers are the engines for managed services, the OnForce marketplace "turbo charges" those engines by ensuring on-site, face-to-face business opportunities, Nadjarian asserted.

For a closer look at OnForce's online marketplace for VARs and the company's overall business strategy, check out 10 Key Trends at OnForce.

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