Autotask In A Hiring Mood

Autotask In A Hiring Mood

Bob GodgartRecession. Inflation. Rising unemployment. While many Americans worry about broad economic issues, certain sectors of the managed services space appear to remain red hot. A case in point: Autotask is seeking to expand its workforce by about 30 percent to 40 percent this year -- while doubling its engineering staff along the way, according to an email exchange with CEO Bob Godgart (pictured).

"We've grown to more than 100 people and we plan to add 30 to 40 more in '08," wrote Godgart in a note earlier this evening.

New and open positions at the company, located near Albany, N.Y., include VP of North American Autotask Pro Sales; Major Account Sales Rep; Customer Retention Manager; PR Professional and Product Management Content Developer. Some of these posts have yet to be promoted in Autotask's Career site. (No, we weren't looking to turn MSPmentor into a job board. But perhaps some career functions would be a fine addition to our site.)

Autotask has had several successful product launches in recent months, including the $99 Autotask Go! starter system and a mobile solution that pushes managed services out to field technicians.

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