Alert Logic Debuts Cloud Security Solutions for Amazon EC2

Alert Logic, the security as a service software provider for the cloud, has released two new security software solutions as an added layer of network protection, particularly for its end-user business customers currently using the Amazon EC2 cloud environment. The development comes as Alert Logic tries to capitalize on the findings of its most recent cloud security services report, which found that cloud environments pose a lower security risk than on-premise solutions.

Here's the breakdown of each new service.

Alert Logic Threat Manager

The Alert Logic Threat Manager is designed to give  any of the security software provider's business customers that are using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform the option to add vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection to their cloud infrastructure. What's the benefit? The Threat Manager software solution can automatically recognize normal and abnormal behavioral patterns on a specific company's network. So by recognizing any abnormal patterns, Alert Logic AWS users can identify threats and/or attacks to their network more quickly.

Alert Logic ActiveWatch

The Alert Logic ActiveWatch solution acts as a sort of add-on to the Threat Manager solution. The name is says it all. ActiveWatch gives business users access to Alert Logic's certified security analysts in the company's Security Operations Center (SOC). Those analysts actively monitor business networks 24x7. Alert Logic customers interested in the security software provider's two newest solutions can gain access to both by subscribing to Alert Logic's fully managed vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection solution.

Alert Logic's two new security software solution developments also come weeks after the company acquired ArmorLogic, a web application security solutions provider.


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