Affant Introduces Network Monitoring for Fortune 500

Affant Communication, an IT outsourcing company, has developed a new network monitoring software solution called AffantWatch2. It is designed to monitor IT environments for Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises. Affant claims AffantWatch2 gathers data in real time to help IT administrators make more informed decisions.

AffantWatch2 offers monitoring for Windows Server, alerting, and VoIP site-to-Site testing. All of these features and others can be used on the Affant Advanced Management Platform (AAMP). Affant also offers a support staff that monitors the Affant software around the clock.

"Most monitoring systems are designed by software manufacturers trying to anticipate the needs of the product in the market," Affant CEO Gregory Keyes said in a prepared statement. "We have tested many of them over the last 15 years and find the manufacturer's real-world experience full problem identification, resolution and non-recurring revenue is weak at best."

It doesn't sound like Affant is in it to compete with network monitoring software providers for SMBs. Their solution has been tested extensively by Fortune 500 companies internationally.

TAGS: Technology RMM
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