10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q1 2011

10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q1 2011

Before MSPmentor marches forward with you into 2012, we're spending this week looking back at the most read managed services stories of 2011. Let's get started: Here's a look at the most read MSP stories from Q1, 2011 and their implications for managed services providers.

10. How to Set Managed Services Pricing: Actually, this blog dates back to January 2010 and it offers six tips -- from Entrepreneur Magazine -- to help MSPs with pricing.

9. Six Surprises Inside the Halls of ConnectWise: When I took a January 2011 trip to ConnectWise's headquarters, I heard more about ConnectWise's API strategy and spoke with Co-founders Arnie Bellini and David Bellini about a potential ConnectWise exit strategy.

8. DirectPointe Puts Managed Services Business Up for Sale: MSP M&A activity was fast and furious in Q1 2011. We stumbled onto some documents indicating DirectPointe was up for sale. But come to think of it, I don't think DirectPointe ever found a buyer for its managed services business -- though I need to double-check.

7. Microsoft Office 365 - 10 Frequently Asked Questions: Whether you planned to partner or compete with Microsoft's cloud, MSPs were eager for information about Office 365. And this FAQ delivered the goods.

6. HP Services, Software -- Two Weak Spots In Strong Quarter: Ironically, this is quite an old blog -- from February 2010. But it foreshadows the problems that HP would have under CEO Leo Apotheker; HP's board ultimately replaced Apotheker in September 2011 with former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

5. Memo to IT Consulting Shops With One to Five Employees: This guest blog, from Quest Software, helped really small MSPs realize that the could potentially compete with the big boys.

4. Kaseya Takes Managed Services to China: Our growing international readership continually digs for information about managed services in Asia. Hence, this 2009 blog entry remains widely read.

3. Microsoft Targeting July 1 for Office 365 Cloud Launch: MSPmentor was nearly on the mark with this blog entry. Microsoft actually delivered Office 365, the successor to Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) a week earlier.

2. ConnectWise, LabTech War Against Kaseya Intensifies: When MSPmentor started hearing some HTG Peer Groups members were jumping from Kaseya to LabTech, we spotted a bigger trend -- though Kaseya has since sharpened its focus on existing and target MSPs as partners.

1. Konica Minolta Buys All Covered: This move, announced in January 2011, triggered a major MSP land grab. Interestingly, All Covered has continued to buy MSPs.

We'll be back on Wednesday, Dec. 28, to share the 10 most read managed services stories from Q2 2011.

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