Forrester Research: Managed Services March Forward

Despite the economic turbulence around us, Forrester Research says demand for managed services continues to rise. The research firm offers a few key data points about mid-market customers -- an area that MSPmentor plans to cover more closely in the weeks ahead.

Here are some Forrester highlights.

  • 67 percent of firms use managed telecom services to reduce costs
  • More than half leverage managed services to simplify management
  • Nearly half said they can get better reliability and service than if they used in-house staff
In some ways, I'm surprised by those figures. In the small business market, entrepreneurs embrace managed services to gain predictable costs and far better reliability and service. The small business conversation really isn't about "saving money" (or is it?).

But as mid-size and large companies continue to downsize, it's easy to see why "reducing costs" increasingly becomes associated with managed services.

You can find more about the Forrester report on VNUnet.

On a somewhat related topic, I'm researching the branch office managed services market -- especially branch office services for mid-size and large companies. Watch for some editorial coverage on MSPmentor in the days ahead.

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