MSP Opportunity: Optimizing SMB Websites for Mobile Clients

Do you have a client who is an SMB, or small- or medium-sized business, and is looking to optimize the company's website for mobile devices such as iPhone or Android phones? Well, good for your client. He wants to be part of the 2 percent of SMB websites that have been optimized for mobile devices.  According to the Q2 update of vSplash’s ongoing SMB DigitalScape study, 98 percent of SMB websites are not mobile optimized. Here are the details.

vSplash, a provider of digital media and commerce solutions to SMB and local marketing aggregators, collected the data through SMB DigitalScape, a data collection and analysis engine that gauges the state of SMB digital media and commerce. Other findings are as follows:

  • Out of those surveyed, 76 percent of SMB websites have no privacy policy, which places them at risk of not being indexed by search engines
  • Around 44 percent of SMB homepages have no phone number available, neglecting a way to communicate with clients
  • 78 percent of SMB homepages do not have a Facebook link, leaving a disconnect between a brand's web presence and social presence
Over 2 billion SMB websites contribute to the growing sample of SMB DigitalScape’s empirical data. The number of business listings analyzed has grown from 4 million to 10 million since the Q1 release earlier this year. Updates and custom data reports are available through vSplash data partner BIA/Kelsey.

To learn more about vSplash's partner program, visit the company's website.
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