SolarWinds Among Top 10 Performing Cloud Stocks of 2012

SolarWinds Among Top 10 Performing Cloud Stocks of 2012

Shares in SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) -- the IT management software provider for MSPs, cloud providers and data centers -- ranked among the top 10 performing cloud stocks in 2012, according to MSPmentor's sister site, Talkin' Cloud. Indeed, shares of SolarWinds were up nearly 90 percent in 2012. Why's that?

Here are some tidbits of explanation: During the company's Q3 ended Sept. 30, 2012, revenues jumped 33% to $71.7 million. Admittedly, most of SolarWinds' revenues come from corporate IT sales. But the company formalized an MSP partner program in late 2011, and the MSP push continued in 2012. At the same time, SolarWinds has made advances managing virtualized environments, and Desk as a Service (DaaS) deployments.

SolarWinds' financial performance was impressive in 2012. But the company was not 2012's top-performing cloud computing stock.

So who earned that honor? For a look at last year's top 10 cloud stocks and some predictions about what the future holds for each company, jump on over to Talkin' Cloud.

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