Nirvanix Launches Hybrid Cloud Storage

Nirvanix Launches Hybrid Cloud Storage

Nirvanix is launching an "industry first" hybrid cloud storage service. We must concede: There are a lot of vendors claiming to offer first-of-their-kind hybrid services and appliances. But here's why Nirvanix thinks its hNode storage offing is unique.

hNode's promise is to deliver a fully managed on premise cloud storage solution, all the while being flexible to comply with "the most stringent" legal, corporate or other data retention policies required. It features the ability to unite a multitude of hNodes that are physically located far away from each other, and includes remote replication functions.

Nirvanix says it's based on the same tech that powers their Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, and Verizon's Cloud Storage. What's more, it works with Nirvanix API, Nirvanix CloudNAS, in addition to solutions from CommVault, Atempo, Arkeia, Gladinet, Nasuni, Ocarina Networks, Vembu and more.

The storage solution is a minimum of 200TB configuration, and expandable into the petabytes. Nirvanix boasts a "horizontal" expansion of hNodes to any and all locations as well. hNode uses Nirvanix's Interent File System (IFS) which has been uniquely deigned to handle billions of files in one "global namespace."

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