HTG Peer Groups Dallas: How's Your Home Life?

HTG Peer Groups Dallas: How's Your Home Life?

This week's HTG Peer Groups conference in Dallas will attract several hundred VARs and MSPs. Yes, the usual business management, sales and service discussions will happen. But there's also a Spouse Track as part of the conference. Why's that? HTG Peer Groups Founder Arlin Sorensen offered some insights to me over email. Read on for a timely reminder many of us need...

In a message that Sorensen is sending to HTG Peer Group members this week, he stated:

"My experience in serving HTG members is that many experience struggles in areas outside of business.  In fact, for far too many, their trip to the office each day is an escape from the reality of the challenges in their marriage or family.  I see often that owners are being validated at work, not at home, so they spend long hours and find ways to spend their time in the environment they are most comfortable. A logical response, but certainly not a healthy one.

The more deeply I engage in consulting and serving HTG companies, the more I find that success in business does not equal joy and happiness in life.  I see plenty of companies that are doing well, yet their owners and leadership are struggling with personal issues that rob them of the benefit of that success.  Life is about far more than business.  Let me be clear about that.  HTG is about far more than helping your EBITDA grow.  If we do that, but allow your family or marriage to disintegrate we have failed in our mission."
With those thoughts in mind, HTG is opening up its May 2013 summit to spouses. And on Friday of this week, HTG is hosting a session focused specifically around marriage.

Challenging Topic

I concede: I'm not sure I'd want to bring my wife to an IT-oriented event where the topic of marriage comes up. But maybe that's because I've got a lot of work to do on my marriage. My wife is awesome. But I'm the type of guy who buries himself in work -- which means my wife runs the house and keeps our three young sons focused on their daily priorities.

So, ironically, perhaps the HTG Spouse Track is designed for someone exactly like me: The workaholic who better spend more time rethinking life's priorities. There are months when I make real progress on that effort. Other months I fall back into bad, old habits.

Last week was a particularly challenging one for me. I had an awesome time catching up with peers at Kaseya Connect and Ingram Micro VTN. But I also missed my 13-year-old son's jazz concert at his middle school. Can you guess who had two rousing drum solos?

I missed them both. But I will be at the middle school on Tuesday for my son's lacrosse game.

Like I said: This life-work balancing thing is a work in progress for me. Perhaps HTG's Spouse Track is exactly what I need -- with a healthy dose of Family Track mixed in.
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