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It’s About Business Continuity, Not Just Backup

One of the highest-value services MSPs offer customers is protecting their data with automated backup and recovery. However, often neglected in the conversation with customers is the need for business continuity planning.

Selling Proactive Response

Perhaps the most useful thing about managed services isn’t just the easy pricing model or the simplicity the services bring to small businesses; it’s in being proactive about potential issues.

Cheap or Inexpensive: A Look at Value-Selling

When you’re making the pitch for a product or service, it’s essential to think about what you’re saying and how that messaging will be perceived. This is a lesson I learned early on.

Where Break-Fix and Managed Services Meet

The conventional wisdom these days seems to be that MSPs should ditch break-fix all together and go with the full managed services model. However, there are plenty of MSPs that are happy to work as hybrids, and they have some good reasons for doing so.

Managed Services in the Public Sector

The tough part about working in the public sector (whether it’s local government, education, law enforcement or even the federal government) isn’t necessarily the work itself; it comes from getting the opportunity to do the work. Because of the layers involved in working with local government, a lot of providers don’t specialize in it or may simply avoid it all together. There’s red tape, plenty of bureaucracy and a slew of various requirements, like background checks and other security necessities. Still, there can be some real opportunities when working with the government.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself about Backup and Recovery Testing

You need to make sure your backup plans work effectively, and you can only do this by testing them. Remember, you’re not just testing a backup, you’re testing your own ability to recover so you don’t end up testing your client’s patience.


Five Things MSPs Should be Doing (But Aren’t)

Getting wrapped up in your day-to-day operations is all too easy. There’s a lot to get done, time comes at a premium, and we’ve got various priorities, like budgets, spreadsheets and cat videos. Given the nature of business, it can be tough to find time for certain tasks, but there are a number of things an MSP business can do to make life easier. No matter how busy you are, it’s time to add a few new things to your to-do list.

Best Advice for MSPs 2014

Now that 2015 is well underway, it’s a great time to think about how your MSP business can be even more successful.

MSPs: It’s Time to Fire Some Clients

It’s never easy to part ways, but when a customer wants only break-fix services, you need to think hard about letting that customer go. The payoff will be worth it.

The Internet of Things: Your New Revenue Stream?

You thought the cloud was a big deal? The Internet of Things might be even bigger. Where will your MSP business be positioned when this emerging trend becomes the status quo? MSPs that are up on their games will be the ones that cash in.

Which MSP Services Are Most Profitable?

What makes a solution profitable is whether or not technicians have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting it. Put simply, the most profitable solutions are those that just work.

You’ve Got Backups, Where Will You Recover Them?

Many businesses are like me have backups, but in the event of hardware failure they might be scrambling to get the extra hardware they need to recover the backups they’ve taken. If you don’t have hardware to which you can restore your backups, what are you going to do?

The Three “T’s” of Client Relationships

You are nobody without your clients. That’s right, nobody. And who are your clients without you? They’re still just businesses doing the best they can, whether or not you’re there to help them. With that in mind, here are three things MSPs or any business needs if they hope to take care of the clients they depend on.

Business Continuity Opportunities Go Beyond BDR

Disaster recovery will keep clients safe in the event of a computer emergency, but there are dozens of other things that can cause a business to slow to a crawl or stop altogether. MSPs who focus on DRaaS by itself might be missing out on some revenue opportunities they might get by focusing more broadly on business continuity as a service.

Windows XP End-of-Life: Upgrading the Easy Way

Microsoft plans to end-of-life extended support for Windows XP starting April, 2013, which means you will definitely want to upgrade or migrate clients still using XP.

Training Your Clients, Why and How

Clients expect their managed service provider to keep things running no matter what comes their way. This can pose a problem because everybody has different abilities and knowledge with regard to computers and because user-error is a huge cause of downtime. While one user can be trusted to do his or her own updates, another might need hand-holding to do something as simple as figure out where the web browser is. Of course, you know this all too well by now. Luckily there’s a useful solution to this that’s actually fairly simple: train your clients.

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