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So You’re Having the “Cloud Talk” with Customers – Now What?

If there’s one thing that’s becoming more obvious as the channel moves towards its next phase, it’s that we are in a critical time of transition that only comes along once a decade. In fact, it could be that this is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Increase Customer Loyalty Through Self-Service Support

Whether you turn on your TV to see the latest stock quotes or get a notification for a new article on your phone, the way we interact with and take in information is changing and will continue to change in the future. But how does all this change affect customers?

Why Isn’t Hyperconvergence Converging?

Introducing HPE’s strategy for hyperconvergence before an audience of IT admins, DevOps, and CIOs at the Discover conference in London back in December 2015, CTO Chris Cosgrave said, “Composable infrastructure, I think, is like a Rubik’s Cube.”


Here’s How Russian Agents Hacked 500 Million Yahoo Users

It was June 2013, and U.S. law enforcement thought they were finally getting their hands on a slippery target: Russian hacker Alexsey Belan, indicted in Nevada and California for computer intrusions at three U.S. e-commerce companies, had been arrested in Europe.

Citrix Tests Private Equity’s Appetite for Megabuyouts

Bloomberg News reported on Monday that Citrix hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to sound out potential suitors including private equity firms. The news sent the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based cloud-services company’s stock 6.8 percent higher, though the shares gave back some of their gains on Tuesday morning.

5 IT Skills Companies Are Hiring For

Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to move up in your organization, knowing what skills employers are looking for can give you a leg up in climbing the career ladder.

Can Google Lure More Enterprises Inside Its Data Centers?

Google spent the better part of the week making the case to businesses that they’re better off not only moving out of their own data centers and into its cloud, but that its cloud was a better option than the clouds its biggest rivals in the market, Amazon and Microsoft, have built.

Microsoft Pledges to Use ARM Server Chips in Challenge to Intel

Microsoft Corp. is committing to use chips based on ARM Holdings Plc technology in the machines that run its cloud services, potentially imperiling Intel Corp.’s longtime dominance in the profitable market for data-center processors. Microsoft has developed a version of its Windows operating system for servers using ARM processors, working with Qualcomm Inc. and Cavium Inc.

AMD Paves Road Back to Data Center with High-Performance Naples SoCs

AMD, which after a strong push into the data center using the ARM architecture a few year ago that eventually withered seemed to have all but conceded the server market to Intel, is back at it. This time, it’s returning to x86 and targeting the high end of the market.

How to Survive a Cloud Meltdown

One of the biggest questions following Amazon’s cloud outage last week was whether you can use the world’s biggest cloud provider and still avoid downtime when the provider has a major outage – a common if infrequent occurrence. If you can, how to do it? And if there is a way to do it, why isn’t everybody doing it?

HPE Acquires Nimble Storage for $1 Billion to Boost Storage Portfolio

HPE reached an agreement to acquire predictive flash storage company Nimble Storage, allowing it to boost its storage offerings for entry and midrange customers across all its business segments. HPE will pay $1 billion, or $12.50 per share, and assume or pay out an additional $200 million in unvested equity awards for Nimble, according to a Tuesday announcement.

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