Company: Cloud Best Practices Network

Job Title: Founder and CEO

Neil McEvoy

Founder and CEO of the Cloud Best Practices Network, a global forum for Cloud adopters, experts and entrepreneurs. Neil is a Cloud Computing entrepreneur who has been pioneering new innovations in this industry for over twenty years.

Recent articles by Neil McEvoy

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Transforming Digital Government By Leveraging UCaaS

Cloud Best Practices has a G-Cloud Enterprise Solutions guide to help CSPs with establishing the relationship between new cloud services and their ability to support the implementation of transformational digital government; how this technology can be used to radically change how business processes work; and the benefits they bring.

Nike39s journey to microservices

How Nike Is Getting To Production Fast

Nike has implemented Michael Porter’s view of technology becoming an integral part of product value into its business. Fitness is a key area where IoT wearable technologies combined with new apps will become differentiating factors that influence which new sports shoes and clothes we buy.