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Three Reasons To Standardize and Bundle Your MSP Services

Three Reasons To Standardize and Bundle Your MSP Services

When managed services emerged as a new IT business model several years ago, the driving force behind adoption was the realization that margins on commoditized hardware and software offerings were shrinking, and solution providers needed a new plan for success. Fast forward to today, when many MSPs continue to struggle with margins and running a […]

Integrating Cloud Solutions and Managed Services: 4 Questions to Ask

So, you’ve spent the last five years building out a successful managed services practice. You’ve spent innumerable hours evaluating vendors, selected an RMM vendor (or two, maybe three?) that will allow you effectively remotely manage your customers. You’ve had to make staff changes, and probably had to edit your customer list a little bit in the process too.

Data Retention Plus Corporate Compliance Equals MSP Revenues

Most businesses don’t specifically seek out an online backup solution. I’m sure you’re wondering why I would state that outright as an employee of a company that partners with MSPs to offer this type of solution to their clients. The truth is that the solution providers that are most successful at selling online backup services do so with a great emphasis on their client needs, starting with the challenges they face related to their industry and markets.

Utilizing Online Backup and Local Backup Together

Managed service providers will often use online backup for a company’s mission critical data and local backup for their data that is important, but not utterly critical to basic business functions. And sometimes IT service providers will use a combination of both. However, helping your client decide what constitutes critical data and how to best backup that data can be a complicated task.

Here’s how to solve the dilemma.

Two Tips for Getting Started With Healthcare IT

Last year the federal government announced its goal to have most Americans on electronic medical records (EMR) by 2014. Coupled with the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provides funding to promote adoption and use of electronic systems, the use and storage of medical data and systems has already begun to surge. So, how can VARs and MSPs get started with healthcare IT? Here are two practical steps.

How to Profit From Your Customers’ Personality Traits

No matter what kind of prospect they are, your potential clients will be able to spot a sales pitch a mile away. So surprise them by doing more listening than talking. VARs, MSPs and IT service providers must invest time in talking to their prospects as if they were actual people, and not just a hand that can writes a check. The secret to success: Determine your prospects’ personality type, and tailor your message to their values.

Local Backup Meets Cloud Storage

Local Backup Meets Cloud Storage

Intronis recently launched a major product release—our own local backup feature. This feature allows managed service providers to not only parse their critical and non-critical data, but manage it with the same Intronis software they use to manage all their offsite data. What inspired this latest move? Here’s some background. Adding a local backup functionality […]

Turn Tech Speak Into Constructive Communication

Many small business owners and other end users don’t have a detailed understanding of the products and services that IT consultants and service providers promote. In some cases, IT providers may be dealing with clientele that has very limited technical knowledge. Here’s how to close the communications gap.

Website Design: A Key to VAR Success

Many IT solutions providers don’t consider design as critically important to their business. Because design isn’t a part of most IT professionals’ everyday tasks, website design may seem superfluous when compared to their core business functions. Or they think the nature of the IT industry doesn’t warrant careful attention to their business’ website. That’s a critical error. Here’s why.

Why Scrum Software Development Rules

The waterfall method of development is as old as time itself.  For those unfamiliar, waterfall is a production process in which the development of a product takes place in sequential stages. It has served as a ubiquitous framework for production in various industries. Most notably, waterfall has been the go-to method for development teams in […]