Frank J. Ohlhorst

Job Title: IT Consultant, Editor-at-Large

Frank J. Ohlhorst

Frank J. Ohlhorst is an award-winning technology journalist and technology analyst, with extensive experience as an IT business consultant, editor, author, presenter and blogger. He frequently advises and mentors technology startups and established technology ventures, helping them to create channel programs, launch products, validate product quality, design support systems, build marketing materials, as well as create case studies and white papers.

Mr. Ohlhorst also has extensive experience assisting businesses looking to launch analytics projects, such as big data, business intelligence and resource management. He also has taken on contract roles as a temporary CIO, CTO and data scientist for startups and new ventures. Mr. Ohlhorst also provides forensic services for data security and assist with compliance audits, as well as researching the implications of compliance on a given business model.

Mr. Ohlhorst also has held the roles of CRN Test Center director, eWeek’s executive editor, technology editor for Channel Insider, and is also a frequent contributor to leading B2B publications.

Recent articles by Frank J. Ohlhorst

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Opportunity Omnichannel: MSPs Can Prime the Services Pump

The omnichannel sales model is quickly gaining traction in both the retail and wholesale markets, yet very few organizations truly understand what the omnichannel is and how to embrace it, creating ample opportunities for MSPs.


AWS Leading with IoT, But Google’s in the Fight

The burgeoning IoT market shows a great deal of promise for MSPs looking to expand their business models; however, knowing whom to partner with might prove more important than the technology itself.

Cloud Backup

Datto Gives MSPs New Cloud Backup Tools

Automated cross-cloud backup solutions are somewhat rare for today’s MSPs, an issue Datto is looking to address with some advice and a cornucopia of services.


The Hidden Opportunities of GDPR

Channel Futures Editor at Large, Frank J. Ohlhorst, and his guest, Sue Bickell of Susan Bickell Consulting, discuss the hidden opportunities presented by GDPR for service providers willing to take on the challenge.

Security Breaches, Human Error Could Fuel Security Product Sales

Perhaps the HAL 9000 computer of "2001: A Space Odyssey" fame said it best, “It can only be attributable to human error.” At least that is the sentiment one gets while reading IBM’s recent Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index report.

IT Consumerization Can Bring Profits to Solution Providers

Infinite Convergence released the results of its 2014 Enterprise Internal Messaging Trends study Sept. 3, which surveyed close to 400 CIOs, CTOs and IT directors and managers on their companies’ policies, preferences and concerns about how employees communicate and exchange sensitive information.

Evil Twin Hotspots: Opportunity for Solution Providers

Although mobility brings productivity, it also has a dark side, one that creates an element of risk and can open corporate resources open to attack or contribute to the growing problem of data leakage.

IoT Brings Plenty of Security Concerns, Opportunities

A recent study by networking giant Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) has revealed that some 70 percent of the most common Internet of Things (IoT) devices are plagued by security vulnerabilities, making those devices prime targets for hackers. With the expected massive growth of IoT devices, enterprise must take notice and implement pre-emptive security technologies to bring a modicum of protection to those devices.

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