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CEO Advice: 5 Strategies to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Team

As a CEO you are required to set strategy, understand direction, interpret financial forecasts, set and maintain a budget, form partnerships and hire a stellar team to steer the company. And you are required to do these activities ALONE. There is no one like you in your company. You cannot discuss difficult topics with anyone else on your team because you are CEO and your word alone can trump all other opinions.

Entrepreneurial Scar Tissue: Minimize Small-Business Pains

As a business owner, especially a first-time business owner, we make lots of decisions without a lot of knowledge. The concept of making decisions and making them often is something that I learned early on. I was told that “the best leaders are the ones who make quick decisions and make corrections as they go” vs not making decisions at all and never moving forward. The problem is that some of those decisions were poor choices!