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Business Resiliency & Cloud Backup Solutions: 4 Questions to Ask

After a summer of hurricanes, tornadoes and raging wildfires, many businesses have begun to ponder the question of how long they would be out of commission if a disaster hit–and how much damage that would do in terms of revenue, reputation and customer relations.

Selling DR to SMBs: Your Expertise Plus the Cloud

Midmarket and small businesses have historically struggled with affording disaster recovery solutions in part because of the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Often they’ve assumed a quality solution was beyond their budget and turned to in-house solutions, but found them labor intensive and unreliable. Great news: Thanks to advanced technology and cloud service delivery […]

Understanding the ROI of a Cloud-Connected Backup Solution

Some customers still use tape as their main method of backing up data, but most are considering whether there’s a more reliable alternative. They may be curious about better technology, or they may be at point where they have so much data they’re forced to find a different solution. Some may even have been hit […]

Cloud Computing vs. Hurricanes: Disaster Recovery Done Right

These days, more and more of your customers are switching from cumbersome, slow and expensive tape backup to a disk-to-disk solution. For the most part, disk backup is perfect for smaller businesses or remote outposts of larger businesses. It’s fast and affordable, and as technology improves, it’s become even safer than tape backup. And of […]

What You Need to Know About Cloud Compliance

You want to provide cloud-connected services to your customers. That’s a given. But when and how? There’s a lot to consider, including cloud adoption, regulations and compliance, and a slew of other topics aimed at helping organizations understand what is involved when moving to the cloud. Based on our experience at EVault, we’ve boiled down […]