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Elizabeth Montalbano is a freelance writer who has written about technology and culture for more than 15 years. She has lived and worked as a professional journalist in Phoenix, San Francisco, and New York City. In her free time she enjoys surfing, traveling, music, yoga, and cooking. She currently resides in a small village on the southwest coast of Portugal.

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IBM Protects BYO Cloud Apps Policies with New Security Solution

With cloud computing in the enterprise also comes the use of applications from enterprise devices for which companies may not have security controls. To help solve this problem, IBM (IBM) has developed new cloud-based security technology that will guard against threats associated with using these type of apps over the corporate network.

Vormetric Offers Security Solution for SaaS Providers

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers have a new way to secure data stored in their environments with a new solution from enterprise data security provider Vormetric aimed specifically at keeping SaaS data safe.

VMware Partners with Vera for Security Management Across IT Environs

VMware (VMW) has partnered with security startup Vera to integrate data security and end user visibility into its Unified Application Management Suite, providing centralized management of security across physical, virtual or cloud-based environments.

Webroot Offers Toolkit for IoT Security

Endpoint security already poses a serious security threat, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more widely adopted this issue will become even more complex as a seemingly limitless number of endpoints will become points of entry for potential intrusion.

Vince Steckler Avast CEO

Avast Teams with Qualcomm to Offer Kernel-Level Mobile Security

With more and more mobile devices being used to access business data and applications, mobile security is becoming more critical than ever. To make these devices more secure, mobile and PC security software provider Avast Software (AVST) is teaming up with Qualcomm Technologies (QCOM) to deliver mobile security at the kernel level.

BlueTalon CEO Eric Tilenius

Cloudera Adds BlueTalon To List of Big Data Security Partners

Cloudera continues to line up partners to help it secure big data solutions with its Hadoop-based data management platform. The security startup has most recently teamed up with BlueTalon, tapping the BlueTalon Policy Engine to deliver integrated big data security on CDH, Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution.

Report: Endpoints, Not Cloud, Are Biggest Security Risk

There’s much concern in the industry about the cloud being a major security risk, but a recent survey at the Black Hat 2015 Conference found that it’s really endpoints that experts think are most susceptible to intrusion or attack.

Startup Zscaler Raises $100M for Cloud Security Technology

Security startups continue to cash in with Zscaler being the latest to join companies like BitSight, Menlo Security and CounterTack on the list of new firms being funded to bolster their respective security strategies. Here are the details.

Daren Klum CEO Secured2

Secured2 and LiquidCool Team for ‘Unhackable’ Data Security

The Holy Grail of data security is an “unhackable” solution, which seems very difficult to accomplish in these days of increasingly sophisticated security attacks and other threats to the data center. But two very different fledgling security vendors, Secured2 and LiquidCool, have teamed up for what they claim is an unbreakable way to ensure the security of data, particularly in disaster scenarios.

Google Program Lets Enterprise Cloud Customers Control Their Own Security

One of the things enterprise customers fear most when putting data on the public cloud is having to depend on someone else’s security to protect it. Well, leave it to eternal innovator Google (GOOG) to find an answer to that. The company is putting cloud security in the hands of its customers with a new program that lets customers bring their own encryption keys to Google Compute Engine.

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