Derek Handova

Derek Handova

Derek Handova is a project-based corporate content marketer and freelance journalist who has contributed to TechCrunch, B2B News Network, Intelligent Utility, Economy Lead and InfotechLead. You can also find him on Medium expressing independent views on technology trends and issues of the day. He started his career in the consumer publishing sector working for automotive publications associated with Motor Trend and Hot Rod magazine.

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How to Not Hire Jerks

Because MSPs run very lean every headcount has to fit like a cog in a well-oiled machine.

Top Salesforce Growth Hacks and Little-known Tips

For digital native startups and agile enterprises, Salesforce has become ubiquitous in business—even more than the mobile phone. But not everyone uses it to its full potential.

The Importance of Listening to Workplace Dissent

Whatever actions founders, CEOs, CFOs or other top managers at a cloud solution company take in response to workplace dissent, they must not ignore it, according to business experts.

How to Get Sales to Love Marketing and Vice Versa

For managed service providers (MSPs) and other cloud computing companies to succeed, the natural antipathy these customer-facing departments feel for each other must be overcome.

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