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Building Your Business: Hiring IT Sales People

A strong IT services business needs top level sales talent to drive revenues. Here’s how to attract, recruit and hire the best sales professionals. Plus, we’ll share what you need to do to retain these in demand employees.

Take the chill out of teleprospecting

Getting to Yes: Six Teleprospecting Techniques for MSPs

When done correctly, teleprospecting can be a very useful tool for steadily increasing sales velocity, which is one of the biggest problems many MSPs run into. Here are six tips to get you started toward an effective teleprospecting approach.

Managed Services and the Case for KPIs

MSPs typically maintain broad business goals: double revenue, boost client retention and pursue cross-sell opportunities to name a few. But while they keep these general, big-picture goals in mind, they may be short on specifics on how to achieve them. That’s where key performance indicators — or KPIs — come in. KPIs, when properly devised, […]

MSP Pricing Models, Guides and Tips for 2014

How can managed services providers (MSPs) navigate pricing models? Is per user, per device or some other approach best? Continuum offers these five MSP pricing tips.

HIPAA: 5 Tips for MSPs Embracing Healthcare Vertical

For MSPs, the healthcare vertical can generate plenty of monthly recurring revenue (MRR). But if you're new to the healthcare industry, you'll need some guidance — especially as new regulations like HIPAA Omnibus kick in. Here are five tips to get started.

1. The Risk Is Real (And Regulations Can Be Confusing)

Solving the MSP Help Desk Dilemma

MSPs intent on rapidly scaling their businesses must solve a tricky financial equation: How do you balance your growth with profitability by optimizing your help desk costs and technician utilization rates? Continuum Senior VP Rob Autor describes potential solutions.

How MSP All Stars Grow and Increase Profits

Basic business growth is nice. But profitable growth is far more impressive. So how are the world’s best-performing managed services providers (MSPs) driving top-line revenue growth while boosting their profit margins? Here are three great examples.

MSPs and MDM: A Golden Opportunity

Mobile is big — just how big is reflected in current shipments of mobile devices. Samsung shipped more than 60 million Android-powered smartphones in the last quarter. Apple shipped more than 149 million iPhones so far in 2012.

Discovering the Value of Network Assessment Tools

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch is famously misquoted as saying, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.” He did say something that to effect, but that’s really less important than the underlying message: Management of any structure or organization requires knowing its compos

Bundling Services for Value and Margin

Real numbers are hard to come by, but evidence suggests managed services are their own best catalyst for growing managed services. According to research firm Techaisle,

The Case for Outsourced Help Desks

Managed services are magic. Through remote control tools and automation, solution providers can change the customer tech support relationship from a on

Converge and Consolidate Capabilities

Would it surprise you to learn that hosted VoIP is the most requested cloud service among end users of their solution providers? Yes, according to the Cloud & Te

Higher States of Operational Efficiency – Seeking Nirvana

Competitive pressures and rapid technology changes are driving managed service providers (MSPs) to seek greater efficiencies in IT service delivery to their small and medium-sized business (SMBs) customers. In fact, increasing operational efficiency is not only the number one challenge cited by IT resellers, but also the most difficult to achieve w

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