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This IoT Startup Wants to Break Down Data Center Silos

If the Internet of Things is a network of devices that generate data and share it over the network, then there is nothing new about the concept, even if the term is new. That’s especially true for data centers, whose operations teams have for many years relied on connected temperature and humidity sensors, networked PDUs, or power strips to manage their facilities.

HP Inc. Unveils 3-D Printers Aimed at Shaking Up Manufacturing

HP Inc. is introducing two 3-D printers aimed at manufacturing customers looking for efficient ways to make items without traditional tools, Chief Executive Officer Dion Weisler said. HP is working with businesses such as BMW AG, Siemens AG and Nike Inc.

Are Tech Giants Making Money on the Cloud?

It's now safe to assume that all software-based businesses will be cloud-based eventually. That raises an important question: Do we know how the major players are doing in the cloud? The answer is, "not really," and that's an issue that investors should raise with tech leaders.

Tackling Business and Technology Challenges for the Ultimate Win

Business and information technology have a very complicated relationship. Depending on the type of company at which you work, you will notice huge differences in co-dependencies of these divisions. Some companies ceased to exist because of technological progress while others were and are being created due to it.

Distribution Watch: Ingram Micro, Avnet, Synnex

Hello, and welcome back to Distribution Watch. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend some quality time at home with friends and family.

This week we’re featuring the latest news from Ingram Micro (IM), Avnet (AVT) and Synnex (SNX). Let’s dig in.

Distribution Watch: Avnet, Tech Data, Synnex

Hello there, fellow distribution watchers, and welcome back to another edition of everyone’s favorite hub for IT distributor news. This week we’ve got some juicy news from Avnet (AVT), Tech Data (TECD) and Synnex (SNX).

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