Top 100 MSPs: Three Trends to Note

We're set to unveil the third-annual MSPmentor 100 results during our February 10 MSPmentor live webcast. The research identifies 100 of the most progressive, most successful MSPs across the globe. What are some key business trends among those companies? Here are three quick trends culled from the research data.

1. Top Managed Services: The top three managed services offered are pro-active help desk (93.8%), remote administration (93.1%) and disaster recovery/business continuity (91.5%). No surprises there. But there are some fast-growing opportunities... 36% of MSPmentor 100 companies now offer some form of hosted/SaaS-based SharePoint; 19% offer hosted SaaS/CRM; and 17.1% are promoting managed video as a service (VaaS).

2. Vertical Market Focus: Health care (45.5%) led the way, followed by legal (38.1%). I was surprised to see state and local government (15.5%) so low on the survey results.

3. Emerging Opportunities: 21.7% of MSPmentor 100 companies offer Google Apps to their customers. And emerging options like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (5.5%) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (6.7%) are starting to generate interest among some MSPs.

Want to see the entire MSPmentor 100 list and selected research results? Please join us February 10 for the MSPmentor Live webcast. Thanks to those who participated in the third-annual survey, conducted in Q4 2009.

TAGS: Financing
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