Tasktop Develops Sync 2.0, Team with Micro Focus on Management Connector

Tasktop Develops Sync 2.0, Team with Micro Focus on Management Connector

Tasktop Technologies Company LogoTasktop Technologies, which focuses on application lifecycle management (ALM), is wrapping up 2011 with two major developments. First, the company has released Tasktop Sync 2.0 featuring updated visual tools for easier ALM synchronization. Second, Tasktop has teamed with Micro Focus, an application modernization and management company, on a new connector for Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync called the Tasktop Borland StarTeam Connector.

But let's back up for a second -- what exactly is ALM? Think of it as a combo of business management and software engineering. Having an ALM solution means you have a system in place to see all of your applications through governance, development and maintenance. This means your monitoring everything from reporting, to workflow to application modeling.

Now let's dig into the details of Tasktop's announcement, beginning with the Sync 2.0 release.

Tasktop Sync 2.0 is designed to make life easier for IT administrators through the use of Open Services for Lifecycle Management (OSLC). According to Tasktop, OSLC allows admins to extend its integration support by what it calls "change management artifact linking."

I'll let Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten explain...

"Tasktop has spearheaded a new approach to connecting stakeholders in the application lifecycle, making it possible to capture an organization's ALM architecture in a single tool and deliver real-time connectivity and traceability across a wide variety of open source, commercial and legacy ALM systems," Kersten said in a blog post he wrote to explain the new capabilities of Tasktop Sync 2.0. The company built Sync 2.0 on its Eclipse Mylyn ALM framework to give customers real-time synchronization and automatic conflict resolution capabilities as well as support for over two dozen different ALM tools.

Tasktop didn't stop with the Sync 2.0 release. In fact, the company added on to the announcement by partnering with Micro Focus roughly a week later to develop the Tasktop Borland StarTeam Connector for Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync. The new Connector gives Tasktop clients access to Micro Focus' Borland StarTeam change management assets directly from their Eclipse and/or Visual Studio desktop solutions. Tasktop has been set up for such a move since it introduced its Agile Planner for Eclipse at Agile 2010. The company also already integrates the Eclipse Mylyn's task list and connectors into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

If you recall, Kersten described Tasktop's long-term strategy in early August 2011 in saying "there’s now a lot of diversity in the ALM space among vendors. It’s a disaster when all of your tools are disconnected." This, according to Kersten, is the problem that Tasktop is trying to solve both by developing new solutions and developing new partnerships with companies like Hewlett-Packard (HP), and now Micro Focus.

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