Study: Disaster Recovery Implementation a Disaster

Many IT organizations are unprepared to handle an interruption of services and/or disaster of any duration, size or scale. That's according to a new study by Continuity Software that revealed  more than a quarter of the firms surveyed admitted that they did not meet their service availability goals for their mission critical systems in 2011. On top of that, 84 percent confessed that they were aware that their organization lacked sufficient disaster recovery capacity.

Disaster recovery software firm Continuity Software polled 134 professionals from a wide range of geographies and industries online in February 2012 for the study. Thirty-six percent of the respondents come from organizations of 5,000 or more employees, while twenty-nine percent have 500 or fewer employees. Financial services (26 percent), business services (12 percent), and high tech (11 percent) are the industries most prominently represented by survey.

The survey also revealed that most organizations have high availability goals for mission critical systems: 91 percent have an availability goal of  greater than 99.76 percent, 74 percent have a goal of higher than 99.91 percent availability, and 31 percent have a goal of 99.99 percent availability. Twenty-seven percent admitted to not meeting their goals for 2011.

With regards to completing a disaster recovery test, forty-one percent of respondents conduct a test annually or more often and twenty-three percent have never completed a test.

Continuity Software markets its products exclusively through a network of business partners. For a closer look at he company's partner program, visit here.

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