NovaStor Positions as Global Storage Specialist for MSPs

I originally referred to NovaStor last week as a "European-based backup software and data protection solution provider." My description of NovaStor prompted one of the company's U.S. representatives to raise their hand and says I'm half-right... kind of. NovaStor Managing Director Mike Andrews wants MSPs to know the company has a strong U.S. presence and global reach. Here's the update.

"We're actually based in the U.S. and the software is developed both in Germany and the U.S.," read the initial message from NovaStor.

"We're really a global software company," Andrews asserted. "Lots of our solutions are developed in the U.S." NovaStor's target clients are MSPs that are technical, meaning they can handle their backup infrastructure themselves.

"Our competitors are offering off-site backup services," continued Andrews, who insisted that there is a large market of MSPs that are tech-savvy. "We don't offer off-site backup. We work with MSPs so they can use their own backups instead of those from our competitors."

MSPs insisting on outsourcing their backup infrastructure can still find value in working with NovaStor, the company asserts. NovaStor has been in the overall backup and recovery market for over 20 years and in the cloud/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)/online data space for over 15 years. According to Andrews, NovaStor has thousands of partners that offer backup infrastructure. "If they really want to, we can refer them to one of our partners," Andrews said.

So what DOES NovaStor offer? Again, I'll let Andrews explain: "We sell a backup solution that allows them [MSP's] to cast a wider net in terms of the products they use. We're different because we offer local and off-site storage solutions. In regards to our cloud-specific solutions, we choose not to compete with our own customers and partners by offering cloud/online storage.  Instead, we provide MSPs,  IT service providers, and companies with backup platforms for their public cloud or private cloud infrastructure, therefore enabling them to offer their own customers a cloud backup service.  Our relationships with our MSPs are very important and we strive to provide them with the tools and margins they need to enhance their customer offerings, broaden their product range, and increase their overall revenue."

Next up for NovaStor is the release of NovaBACKUP xSP version 12.2 at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, Calif., in mid July. Its main feature will be support for Microsoft Hyper-V. NovaStor is already working on NovaBACKUP xSP Version 13 that will support a more heterogeneous platform lineup, including backup and recovery for devices like Mac's, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

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