MSPmentor Launches Sister Web Site Called "Works With U"

MSPmentor Launches Sister Web Site Called "Works With U"

Works With UForgive me for going slightly off topic. I have some news to share: MSPmentor has a new sister Web site. It's called Works With U, and it covers an emerging, disruptive Linux distribution called Ubuntu.

Some members of the managed services community are familiar with Ubuntu. Others have yet to discover its promise. Nine Lives Media Inc. (the folks behind MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and Works With U) expects Ubuntu Linux to become a true platform (for mobile devices, desktops, servers, and even managed appliances) over the next few years. Here's why.

Ubuntu has a strong, growing following in the vendor and developer community. Untangle, for instance, is preparing to release its open source security platform on Ubuntu. Sun is now certifying its servers to run Ubuntu. Dell is pre-loading Ubuntu on selected desktops and notebooks. And Intel is working to customize Ubuntu for mobile Internet devices.

Still, Ubuntu is in its infancy. That's why Works With U will track Ubuntu's strengths, weaknesses and continuing evolution.

Please feel free to share feedback as you explore MSPmentor and its sister sites, The VAR Guy and Works With U. Thanks for making this a fun, dynamic year for Nine Lives Media Inc.

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