MSPmentor 100: The International Story

When the third-annual MSPmentor 100 report debuts later today, you'll notice that the list includes numerous managed services providers outside of North America. More than 25 percent of survey participants represented MSPs from Europe and Australia, among other regions. So, how will we put the spotlight on MSPs outside of North America? Here are some quick thoughts.

For starters, the MSPmentor 100 list includes 23 companies located outside of the U.S. You'll find links to all of those member companies later today in our MSPmentor 100 center.

A Closer Look: Australia, Europe, South Africa

Now, for some bonus content. MSPs in Australia and Europe have asked MSPmentor for more detailed information about key managed services stats and companies to watch in their geographies. We'll provide that information in the MSPmentor 100 center on Feb. 24.

Also of note: Garth Hayward, Kaseya's Regional Manager for Africa, asked me if MSPmentor could take a look at MSPmentor survey data involving South Africa MSPs. The answer is yes. We'll publish a blog on the topic by Feb. 24.

Please note: We can't say yes to every research request... especially since we're already moving on to our next research efforts (including the Open Source 50, and soon, the next MSPmentor 250). But if there are stats from the MSPmentor 100 that interest you, feel free to send me a note (joe [at] and I'll see if we can pull up the data points.

(Side note: Looks like I just lost this reader bet involving Kaseya coverage.)
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