Mocana Updates its Mobile App Protection with MAP 2.0

Mocana, a company that develops device security, recently introduced its latest version of Mobile App Protection (MAP), which covers iOS applications, as well as cross-platform iOS and Android support. MAP 2.0 attempts to simplify, automate and secure mobile app management for enterprise IT and their employees.

With Mocana's latest version of MAP, enterprise IT is given the ability to "wrap” new layers of security into Android or iPhone apps, without requiring app source code access, without the need to write any code, which in return does not affect performance, battery life or even app usability. Also, once wrapped by MAP, apps maintain their new security behaviors wherever they are deployed (this includes: company, employee and consumer-owned devices).

However, how exactly is MAP 2.0 different from enterprise mobile management solutions currently on the market? Instead of focusing on whitelisting or blacklisting, MAP 2.0 focuses on securing the app itself and the data it works with.

Mocana Mobile App Protection 2.0 is available now to customers invited to Mocana’s Early Adopter Program. Subscriptions and perpetual licenses are available in both per-device or per-app models. For details on Mocana's partner program, click here.

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