How Often Should I Post On Facebook?

How often should you post on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)? The answer to this question is simple: there is no answer. If your social media consultant provides you with a number, question it. The number may not be necessarily wrong, but it is important to understand where the number came from. Did your consultant cite a source? If so, you may have been provided with incorrect information. There is no magic number.

Search the internet for this topic, and you'll find a lot of different answers. Some claim to have a magic number, while other authors insist on a particular strategy. In fact, some of these sources may have supporting evidence, which deserves to be looked at in detail, but may overlook an important social media marketing (SMM) concept.

Engagement trumps all
How often do your followers engage in your posts? Be your brand, and you'll soon recognize how your followers interact with your brand. The frequency of your posts depends on how often your followers engage with your page.

To repeat: there is no magic number for the frequency of posts for your Facebook page. Each page is unique, and has its own diverse group of followers. Understand who your followers are, how often they engage on your page, and how often they need to see your content to understand how frequently you should be posting on your Facebook page.

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