Gorilla Logic VP Schwarz: Now is the Time for QaaS

Earlier this month we brought you news from Gorilla Logic, the Quality-as-a-Service (QaaS) platform provider for the enterprise that released two new solutions aimed at accelerating application development and testing. One was the Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud, and MonkeyTalk, which the company says helps accelerate the development of mobile applications.

This week I spoke with Gorilla Logic Co-Founder and VP of Engineering Ed Schwarz, who explained the company's business strategy and why now is the time for QaaS in the enterprise space.

"Delivering Quality-as-a-Service means you are offering automated testing for business-critical use-cases, on-demand," said Schwarz. The Gorilla Logic QaaS platform includes actual user interactions that are replayed and validated on real mobile devices; provisioning, running and reporting of test results at any time through the new Continuous QA Cloud; and test reports that are available online, by email or by file download.

So what are the benefits of having a QaaS platform as an enterprise company? According to Schwarz, QaaS offers the following five key benefits:

  1. Functionality: You can set the platform to focus on testing the aspects of your business network that you really need to have working.
  2. Early Detection: Since testing is done daily, the QaaS platform will help you quickly identify which, if any, part of your network is causing problems. You know the source of the problem is coming from recent changes to your network
  3. Coverage: The QaaS platform's automatic testing function ensures that your enterprise business network is up-to-date on new releases.
  4. Rapid and Repeatable: This one is pretty straight-forward. Automatic testing is faster than manual testing. You don't have to worry about repeating the process daily. The QaaS platform will repeat it for you
  5. Value: The QaaS platform performs deeper testing than manual operations and focuses on making sure the newest features of your network are running properly.
Still, with all the benefits of the QaaS platform and automated testing, Schwarz maintains that Gorilla Logic's automatic testing capabilities are not intended to replace manual testing. It's actually meant to improve the areas of manual testing that the company says are generally not addressed. And with the addition of the Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud and MonkeyTalk, the company says it's providing built-in best practices and a platform to integrate support for mobile application testing, on top of the manual testing practices that its enterprise business customers are already using.

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