Avere Edge Filer: NAS Meets Flash Efficiency

Avere Systems, the network-attached storage (NAS) provider for enterprise IT departments, has released a new version of the Avere Edge Filer as part of the company's new NAS architecture designed to help the company's enterprise customers maximize the benefits of Flash storage and virtualization.

More specifically, Avere says its new solution is aimed at helping its customers use virtualization to consolidate their data and leverage the "collaborate and economic benefits" of their cloud environments. To that end, the new version of the company's Edge Filer solution has the same data handling features as legacy applications, coupled with new data management functions that allow enterprise IT departments to more easily move, sync and replicate data between various storage devices. That includes being able to replicate data from one data center to another, from a data center to a remote office, or from a data center to a cloud environment.

It sounds like Avere did its homework before releasing its new Edge Filer and NAS architecture. The company knows that most of its customers are looking for ways to better use their cloud, virtualization and Flash storage capabilities. And according to Avere Systems President and CEO Ron Bianchini, this latest release will help Avere's enterprise customers do just that. The new Edge Filer and NAS architecture will become part of the more comprehensive enterprise-class data management solution that Avere developed with Nexenta back in October, 2011.


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