Windows Server 2008: Ho-hum Reaction From Managed Service Providers

Windows Server 2008: Ho-hum Reaction From Managed Service Providers

YawnAs Microsoft launches Windows Server 2008, I've noticed a rather interesting market dichotomy: Traditional, mainstream server application providers (BEA Systems, IBM, Oracle, etc.) are falling all over each other to vow support for the new operating system. But managed service platform providers aren't saying much about Microsoft's latest server release. Here's why.

Sure, MSP platform providers plan to ensure their products run on Windows Server 2008. It would be foolish to ignore an operating system platform that will likely grab 30 percent or more of the server market over the next few years.

But to its collective credit, the managed services industry focuses more on describing the business value of an IT service, rather than operating system bandwagons.

Still, there are a few exceptions. Several Web and managed hosting providers -- including GoDaddy, Hostway, iNetu and Verizon Business --jumped on the media bandwagon and strongly voiced their Windows Server 2008 support.

Yet most people in the managed services industry, it seems, are busy focusing on business development and building their own brands -- rather than reinforcing Microsoft's server brand.

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