Treehouse Upgrades Partner Relationship Management Platform

Treehouse Upgrades Partner Relationship Management Platform

Treehouse Interactive has updated its SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform, which helps to build closer channel relationships through coordinated marketing campaigns. Treehouse Interactive Director of Sales Reagan Wilson described some of the updates to me...

... they include:

  • Automatically Co-branded Marketing Content: Partners can create co-branded materials like direct mail pieces or HTML files from a single portal. All a partner has to do is insert its logo, address and text into the template sheet and the Treehouse system will spill out print-ready or HTML-ready marketing materials.
  • Full-Service Email Campaign Execution: It works very similarly to the co-branded marketing content in that partners only need to insert logos, partner lists and original text. This time, according to Wils, the information is placed into one of several email templates that the Treehouse system sends out for partners. The system then shoots an email back to Treehouse partners with a link through which partners can view a real-time report of who opens and clicks through the emails.
  • Co-branded Partner Mini Sites: Treehouse’s code allows all co-branded materials to be directly integrated to a partner’s site, creating a co-branded partner mini site. "When content is changed on the master site, it is automatically syndicated throughout all of the partner’s sites," Wilson said. Treehouse partners also get custom made “Contact Us” forms that provide real-time lead generation for partners.
"We're helping clients provide all of the information about their product line as a manufacturer and we're helping them gather leads," Treehouse Interactive Director of Marketing Chris Frank added. "This is all within the context of our full partner manager system. They have the ability to centrally manage all of the content and decide how to deal information out."
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